• Scoops The Clown

Gauntlet Round 1 Match 9 Recap

This round was just as exciting as the last only producing the most votes of any round to date, with both bands pulling over 500 votes a piece which is fucking amazing! It was a tight battle with Alienist going up against Dive South with the Alienist being the heavy favorite to go and witness another upset! Round 1 has been a whirlwind of unexpected winners, but to also showcase alot of fantastic unknown talent! Both bands in this case deserve huge props for the large amount of votes pulled against each other and putting up one hell of a fight. It was truly an amazing match! Congrats to Dive South on their round 1 win and we will be seeing them again in round 2! You can check them out here on their facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/Divesouthofficial/ ).