• Scoops The Clown

Gauntlet Round 1 Match 8 Recap

This last match was fucking exciting. Both bands gave it all and put it out there on the line. Right out of the gate it was a back and fourth tug for three whole days with the majority of the time was lead by Existing in Exile. But right when it really counted with only three hours or less to spare Counting The Killers came up from behind to barely pull it out. Towards the middle of the match it started to look like Existing In Exile was going to slam on the pedal getting up to over a thirty vote lead at one point. Congrats to Counting The Killers on sticking it out and making that big come back win. We will see Counting The Killers again in round 2, go check them on on facebook here ( https://www.facebook.com/CountingTheKillers/ )