• Scoops The Clown

Gauntlet Round 1 Match 1 Recap

The gauntlet kicked off with match 1 being a shoot out between The Atomic Bastards up against Trial By Combat. Trial by Combat came out fast taking a 20 vote lead right out of the gate. The Atomic Bastards were not going to go out like that. During day two they came within 10 votes but couldn't keep up the steam. Trial by Combat slowly continued to inch their way into the winners spot taking it with 61% of the votes. You can check out the winning song here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I36nICZOTXk&fbclid=IwAR0eAoK-PkjL76Qaw6-hONPeTAALT665viQYWtBrK3WDuv5jPUDu-TugEg4 ) Trial by Combat will now move on to the second round and with an early elimination we say goodbye to Atomic Bastards. Keep kicking ass guys and hopefully we will see you come back next year and good luck to Trial By Combat in round 2.