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Fuath - Fuath II

Scottish atmospheric black metal band Fuath released their second album yesterday, "Fuath II". I enjoyed this album a lot! It starts off with the single "Prophecies" that came out in early February, which I still absolutely love. It's a wonderful song that gets less intense the longer you listen. While I liked that aspect of it when I first heard the song, I like it even more now because it creates a wonderful transition into the second track, "The Pyre". This song has more vocals in it than the first track, and they're absolutely brutal and creepy sounding. I love it! The final track on the album, "Endless Winter" is probably the heaviest song. It's got a really nice melodic guitar line, some really badass riffs and drum work, and is also a bit more fast paced. I think it's my favorite track on the album. My only complaint is I wish that it lasted longer than half an hour, I want more! I enjoyed this entire album immensely, I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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