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Oh if there were only a few movies I could go back and watch with a packed audience with no memory, no spoilers, no hints what was to come; this would be one of them? Why? FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is really two movies in one…two outlaw brothers on the run take a family hostage and escape down to Mexico to hole up in a strip club until they meet their supposed savior the next morning to get them out of town. The only problem is said strip club is run by vampires. I can only imagine if there were people who saw this back in the day expecting just a Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez flick. After all, this came after Pulp Fiction and after Desperado, so maybe expectations were just a straight action on-the-lam movie. When it turns to straight up gory vampire flick is when adrenaline gets turned up to 10 and the crazy ride starts. Not that the first half is dull by any means; Clooney and Tarantino himself play believable outlaws and we get exciting scenes. Somehow all the pieces fit in the end and we are treated to an enjoyable vampire/action/road trip/outlaw film that screams 90s Tom Savini effects. Chances are you’ve already seen this one but if not…I only give you until Dawn to finally see it. Watch now.

SLASH SCENE: Sex Machine


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