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While the first is no doubt a classic, I feel not enough attention gets paid to the sequel, FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2. While most fans can probably agree this isn’t quite as great as its parent, for a sequel in the 80s I’d say they tried and the effort does show. A great sequel needs connections/threads to the original, and look no further than the sister of Jerry Dandridge, Regine, out for revenge as the main baddie this time around. It’s simple motivation at its best but also makes sense for a believable story. We don’t have Evil Ed this time around, or Amy, but instead get some goons that follow around Regine Dandridge. Some of those goon scenes are hit/miss but do give some originality to the whole thing. Of course we get the OG Peter Vincent and Charlie back…and they both work great off each other and it’s interesting to see the effects the events of the first flick has on Charlie now. More sequels should have and need to follow suit what this one tried to do. Mention events from previous movies, have some connection to previous movies, all while having at least a somewhat new storyline. While not the best vampie flick that we have, definitely does more right than it does wrong. And that’s something to be said for a sequel. This one has bite.

SLASH SCENE: Bowling Alley!


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