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After reviewing one of the main soundtrack themes (see here) we’re diving right into the main source of the movie, FRIGHT NIGHT! While we all have our favorites when it comes to 80s vampy flicks…can’t sleep on this one. While ‘The Lost Boys’ might be the epitome of ‘80s coolness’ when it comes to vamps, this one stands on its own by being part vamp flick, paranoia, mystery, and ultimately horror. When high schooler Charlie gets a new neighbor that seems…too weird for suburbia…he dismisses it until after spying and his neighbor, Jerry, makes his presence known as full vamp in the middle of the night and Charlie has to turn to TV actor Peter Vincent to help destroy a real vampire. Throw in an eccentric best friend, young Marcy D’arcy (get that reference), and a killer soundtrack and you have the ingredients for a great 80s style horror flick. Though the overall tone throughout the movie is somewhat light, the scenarios and characters play everything as serious as can be. And we still have memorable scenes that create the suspense we love in these flicks (the alley with Evil Ed anyone?). On paper, we’ve probably had a million flicks with the same narrative, but it’s the stacked cast, especially Roddy McDowall and Chris Sarandon that elevate it to its cult status. This is a night to enjoy.

SLASH SCENE: Midnight Visitor from Dandridge


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