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Sort of a spy/Total Recall hybrid with beautiful animation, FLASHBACK was a hit in its day and still lives up to that title decades later. You awake with no memory…and have to piece together what your previous life was and should be with little mini missions, friendly encounters, and hopping between levels both of this world and out of this world. The animation is what made this game stand out way back when...and it still looks great. Think Prince of Persia but with more of a sci-fi element. Fluid movements from your character as he runs, shoots, fights, and hides from enemies. Like a lot of games, the controls have just a bit of a learning curve but with a little bit of practice, it won’t be a problem. In fact, once you do learn the controls they are pretty precise; just have to get a feel for the mechanics. If you missed this one back in the day and have a yearning for a ‘cinematic outing’ indulge in some Flashback. Your memory will be better off for it.


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