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FJ OUTLAW- In These Streets ft. Dusty Leigh (Single Review)

First and foremost the hook on this song!!! WOW!!! I think FJ looked into my soul and wrote this about me because I'm super in my feelings over here... Dude captured me with this hook..." I remember starving with nothing I could eat, my mama tried her best but sometimes she didn't have the means ... Stains all on my shirt, a bunch of rips up in my jeans .... mama tried to keep me home but I was destined for these streets."

The rest of the song was amazing as well, all the lyrics were on point and left me with goosebumps! He was speaking nothing but 110% facts and I feel people will relate. Dusty Leigh my guy from Kentucky (same as me) did his thing as well with the feature verse. Dusty came with his own style and really added some versatility to the song. I'm just getting heavy into FJ and I'm digging the voice, style. & delivery. Looks like we need to work together bubba! Make sure y'all give the homie a listen and also check out the music video on YouTube.

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