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Firewing - Tales Of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning Of Life

Symphonic Prog-Power Metal band Firewing dropped a new single last week titled "Tales Of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning Of Life". This song comes off of their "Resurrection" album that comes out on April 23rd. First of all, holy hell, what a title! The song is absolutely fantastic! They have a perfect blend of symphonic and power metal sound. I love it! This song is beautifully done, and has some killer solos. It's has a great balance of heavy and soft elements. It has a very classic power metal feel to the vocals, and I love the two singers voices. They meld together so well. The lyric video is gorgeous. It's so pretty and action packed and just badass. I enjoyed this immensely and definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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