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Oh no…aliens! Whether or not you believe in such tales having actually happened, one thing I think most if not everyone can agree on is there have been some pretty messed up flicks made about said encounters. Look no further than FIRE IN THE SKY to get a dose of nightmare horror in the aftermath of supposed abduction. This one was based on a true story, or rather true incident, of a logger who disappeared in the 70s for days until he was found at a phone booth with no memory of where he was...until he remembered some grisly details later on. Before just writing off this flick as ‘just another alien movie’, the beats and narrative in which this play out make this more of a mystery/thriller than outright sci-fi film. We see something like a flash or beam of light when Travis Walton walks away from his truck and knocked unconscious before his friends drive off. We hear a creepy music score throughout the entire flick. We finally see him days later confused and beaten down...and are only shown a visual in his mind for what really happened. We don’t have talking aliens or townsfolk cheering on flying objects in a hokey way. We have a thriller with a few potential sci-fi elements but the way the movie is crafted, you could almost substitute any type of ‘reason’ for the disappearance and you would get the same effect. For some 90s retro horror, check this one out. Oh, and the signature scenes this flick is famous for…eff it all to hell. This movie is why I slept on the floor of my parents room for weeks after I saw it.

SLASH SCENE: Does it really need to be said?


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