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Finntroll - Forsen!!!

Last week, Finnish black/folk mental band Finntroll released a video for "Forsen", a single off their new album Vredesvavd which comes out next month. This song is great! It's got the repetitive melodic line and the heavy vocals and deep heavy sound, for a seamless blend of folk and black metal, with an instrumental acoustic medieval sounding brief intermission, which is something this band is known for. It's a really cool sound that they manage to produce, which I enjoy a lot. The video itself is phenomenal. Its a cartoon with a lot of really interesting stylistic choices and nordic imagery and shapeshifters and all sorts of neat elements. It also shows a couple changes in lighting and tone, going from very light to very dark a couple times. I absolutely love this one, and I will be checking out the album when it comes out. Go check it out! ~Gangis

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