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FEUERSCHWANZ - Schubsetanz (Black Metal Version)

German metal band Feuerschwanz today released a re-imagining of their song "Schubsetanz" from their 2018 album Methämmer. The song was originally folk metal, but they redid it into black metal, which I think was a fantastic choice. They eliminated the violins and other stringed instruments, made the vocals a lot more growly, put in some keyboards, and added a really dark overtone to it. The original song is sort of happy and upbeat sounding. This version has a much more ominous type of sound. I love it! I also really like how the music video has a lot of references to the video for the original. I enjoyed this immensely, and love this version of this song. I'm not used to the same band covering their own material in different styles, but I definitely approve. ~Gangis

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