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Feelin the beach vibes

We went to Kros Strain Brewing about two weeks ago to go try some of their beers straight from the masters themselves and i wasn't disappointed. I have always loved their beers since i moved here almost three years ago but going there to try them was a completely different experience. I walked in and immediately seen a beer on the list that caught my eye called Beach Vibes. First off its a beer that is an ipa sour. That's literally my two favorite styles rolled in one! Secondly bananas? Pineapple? Vanilla and cinnamon? It sounds like an amazing milkshake but it was so much more! The perfect balance of a fruity ipa and a sour leading up to this now being my favorite beer on the planet! Fantastic job to those brew masters over at Kros Strain and I'm looking forward to going back!

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