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Fast Food Bloody Goodness

Another genius movie kicked out by Lloyd Kaufman and company over at Troma films. If your a b rated low budget horror junkie like myself then you grew up on Troma films. They are the holy grail of the b rated horror industry. This film like the rest of theirs pushes, gore, shock value, nudity, and bizarre shit to a whole new fucking level. You have people turning into mutant chickens, plenty of nudity, song and dance scenes, and some of the most bizarre practical effects in gore film that you could shake a drum stick at. From the moment i first watched this years ago to know, which i have probably watched this film close to 100 times, it never gets old. I can't talk enough about the low budget practical effects that they created in this movie. Im convinced there was alot of drinking and drug use that went into the creation of this movie lol. We don't suggest doing that your self but nothing wrong with flirting with the devils lettuce along with a night cap to get those vibes flowing to come out with masterpieces like this one! If you haven't you need to watch this crazy shit! You will fucking love it as much as i do! This movie even got me laid once! No joke!

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