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Evil Ed...A Hallucination trip into hell.

As i was scrolling through streaming services, I end up on a movie called evil ed. It intrigued me just based off of the cover of the film. It was very evil dead and dead alive feel in creature design and cinematography. So of course it pushes me over the edge into watching and im glad idea. Same acting style that you come to love from films like evil dead franchise and dead alive. Great creature effects, plenty of blood and gore. Pretty good story line, very different than that i have ever scene. Sometimes horror film story lines can get very monotonous and feel like people recreating the same films over and over. this film made damn sure not to do that. If you like like good story lines, cheesy horror feels, and great practical effects give this one a shot! And of course i get through another review of not giving you much, that's because i want you to go watch the fucking movie!

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