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Everywhere we go

I am not known for being a huge fan of hip hop music at all, but here lately i have been discovering alot of hip hop acts that i not only like but i love and listen to on my own time. I have been spending time cruising through youtube trying to find new artists, bands, whatever just looking for stuff that's a little more underground. I finally ran into a little jam caled everywhere we go by SonReal. First off the video for this track is fucking hilarious. Very much reminds me of Napolean Dynamite. This shit had me laughing my ass off. Next the song is fantastic, great beat, great flow, lyrically intelligent, not a repetitive shit show of doing nothing but talking about bitches and drugs like most but actual intelligent lyrics about real shit. This guy is the REAL DEAL. I finally checked out some other of his stuff and can not find anything i don't like. They are all lyrically amazing, even one track empowering women. This is what to me, hip hop should be. Positive, fun, energetic, and speaks to people that normally wouldn't really dig this type of music. I myself am a hardcore metal head. I live, eat, breathe, and shit metal but this guy makes me fucking love hip hop. You can check out the video for everywhere we go here ( ) Do yourself a favor and check this dude out. If i love him i know the rest of you will and go check him out on facebook too!

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