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Everfall Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Hellfire Brittany here, wishing a good morning to all of our early birds waking up with us on Hellfire Radio! The weekend is coming to a close and soon it will be Monday. Before that, I have a few things to say about a killer band featured on episode five of the Monday Morning Mixdown. This next band comes all the way from the picturesque country of Estonia. Everfall is typically described as a metalcore band, but they do not allow that definition to shackle them. Rather than depending on specific elements to maintain this classification, they prefer to create the music that moves them. The result of which is a fluid sounds with plenty of surprises.

Everfall recently released "Superhero" and it is gaining the attention of listeners the world over. The track provides a sound that is authentic to thier established brand, and expands in to new territory. The electronic components of the song are what first caught my attention. They were a great addition to the overall tone of thier music. It provided variety and flair to a track that was perfectly suited for it.

If you are looking for a track that might be better described as "by the book" look no further than "Berserk". This song blends heavy instrumental progressions, gnarly screams and crystal clear cleans to make a killer addition to the metalcore element of the bands collection. It is certainly worth your time.

Everfall is actively creating new music, and even though nothing has been pinned down for a release date on new music, I did have a great chat with them about what to expect in the future. They prepared me to expect the unexpected. The new music will likely feature more surprises as they continue to evolve thier unique sound. Clearly, with no intention to fall in line or cling to labels, Everfall is a band I highly recommend following. I can't wait to hear what they have in store for us next.

One last note for all of you who are following along with the reviews, be sure to get in your submissions and recommendations for next weeks Monday Morning Mixdown. Please send any submissions to Thank you to everyone who has been submitting music this week, I can't wait to hear it!

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