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Eternal Frequency - Head Like A Hole (NIN Cover Review)

Pennsylvania based female fronted metalcore/hard rock band Eternal Frequency dropped a cover the other day of Nine Inch Nails classic hit song "Head Like A Hole". This kicks major ass! Their singers voice is absolutely fantastic, as are the backing growl vocals. Her voice reminds me of Taylor Momson in a lot of ways. The drummer slams! The riffs and electronic sounds are also great, but I love that they sort of take a backseat and this song brings the vocals and drums to the front. They took the song and brought it to a whole new level and totally made it their own. The music video is also absolutely fantastic and fits the song very well. I enjoyed this a lot and definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo image for "Head Like A Hole" by Eternal Frequency

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