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When you end a movie with a cliffhanger, you expect (or wish) for another entry to resolve what you just saw. ESCAPE ROOM: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS picks up, kinda, where the first one left off with new winners Zoey and Benjamin traveling to New York to try and take on the game masters discovered in the first one. Though not by plane as suggested at the end of the first but by driving..since Zoey still hasn't gotten over her fear of planes. Through some clever (or ludicrous) planning, both find themselves on a train that is actually the evil game people Minos and now the second round begins, with a handful of other previous 'winners.' If you liked the first one, this is more of the same and a bit more elaborate. The issue you may have is, especially after seeing how this one ends, is everything that happens seems too convenient and the game makers seemingly have unlimited resources (technology, timing cues, etc). Depending on your level of suspension of disbelief, and a crazy resolution, you'll love or hate. If you just want to see more insane 'room's to break out of similar to 'Saw' without the gore, then you could do worse then this entry. If you are looking for something logical, even in a horror flick, your own sanity may not escape this room.



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