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They say you can't keep a good 'snake' down (I think)..and Snake Plissken returns from New York in ESCAPE FROM LA. He starts off as a prisoner of the government in a dyspopian futuristic world where LA has broken off into its own haven for criminals and those banished by society, thanks to an earthquake seperating it into its own island. Snake is 'forced' to retrieve a black box from the President's daughter who has gone AWOL into LA or the virus the govt seemingly injected into Snake will kill him within hours. Upon release, and even now, this one doesn't quite match up to the gritty and gloomy tunes of his 'New York' outing but this prob a great thing. If it was too close to the previous escapade, it would look like a pale imitation so instead we get a colorful LA with more humor, Steve Buscemi, Bruce Campbell, and Snake's one-liners. Easy to see how the comparison would make this one seem weaker, but they are both great in their own way. Though by the mid-90s, Carpenter already had most of his hits he was known for, some of his brilliance does shine through in this one. Shame we never got the third entry to close out the trilogy as promised by the ending.

SLASH SCENE: The ending


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