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It’s Vern! The one and only classic Ernest in his own horror movie! ERNEST SCARED STUPID was one of the last, if not the last, theatrical releases that Ernest received before going straight-to-video for the remainder of his outings. And what a way to go this feature he is up against trolls who he accidentally releases from a prison that his own ancestor banished said troll to years ago. Of course, the now-free troll wants revenge and goes around turning the towns kids into mini-figurines all while waiting to get his revenge. First off, this is still an Ernest movie so much comedy to be had. However, we do get some decent horror elements thanks to the set pieces in the woods, the eerie nighttime Halloween setting, and an appearance by the great Eartha Kitt. Wait until the end when Ernest gets to do battle with several trolls…think they look familiar? They should…they were created by the Chiodo brothers of ‘Killer Klowns’ fame and used some leftover masks and klown faces for the trolls in this movie. Some of them have a very ‘klown-y’ look to them. If you aren’t an Ernest fan, this one won’t do too much for you except showcase all the horror elements. If you are an Ernest fan, you’ll get double the enjoyment out of it. Still a unique place in horror history, if you check this one out you won’t feel too stupid for doing so.

SLASH SCENE: Battle at the end


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