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Erdve - Lavondėmės

Lithuanian metal band ERDVE just released an Experimental Hard-core Sludge song titled "Lavondėmės" off of their upcoming "Savigaila" album that is being put out on July 23rd. This song is brutal and has a very unique sound. It's fantastic! I love the deep fuzzy sludge sound combined with an almost djent type tone, and it's paired with some crashing cymbals on the drums, and some crazy screaming vocals. It's definitely an intense and somewhat discordant listen. I think it's really cool though, and I definitely like it. The video really interesting and features a person in a ghillie style camoflague outfit, which I never really thought of as creepy, until now. Paired with this music, it's definitely sort of unnerving. One thing I really like is that all the changes in scene and flashes of the camera and such are times extremely well with the music. I enjoyed this one a lot, and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Picture of the guy in the ghillie suit from the music video of "Lavondėmės" by Erdve on Seasons Of Mist, borrowed from their social media.

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