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Epica - Abyss of Time

Dutch symphonic metal band Epica is back with another single off their album "Omega" that comes out in February. "Abyss of Time" is fantastic! It has a lot of elements I really enjoyed like. The guitars in some parts sound almost like power metal and like folk metal in others. There's a wonderful blend of different voices including some creepy whisper type male vocals, some soft yet powerful female voice, and what sounds like an entire operatic choir. There's also some stringed instrumentals, which I really enjoyed. There's so many different things that are all blended together seamlessly and tell an epic story. It's a great song with some really gentle tender moments and some heavy moments and I really enjoyed it. The music video itself has some really cool imagery and elaborate costumes, and it goes well with the song. I definitely recommend checking it out! I look forward to when the album comes out. ~Gangis

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