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Ensiferum's Andromeda is Out of This World!

Yesterday, Finnish metal band Ensiferum dropped new song "Andromeda" that will be on their album "Thalasic" that comes out next month. I also listened to the other song they've released from this album "Rum, Women, Victory" and this album is setting up to be something great! It's got catchy riffs, heavy vocals, their typical viking theme, and everything else you could want from them. The imagery in the video for Andromeda is absolutely beautiful, featuring many shots of a woman against a galaxy sky. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also liked how the video for "Rum, Women, Victory" featured submitted images and footages from fans, that was a very creative and fun way to have extras in a video while unable to gather in person and make a video. I really look forward to this album, I think it's going to kick ass. ~Gangis

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