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Engst "Wieder Da"

Berlin, Germany has a not so secret stash of some incredible talent. Hometown boys, Engst, have done it again. Their single "Wieder Da", loosely translated meaning "Back There", released on the Arising Empire label, is a joy to behold. Is it Punk? Is it Rock? Is it Pop? It's a beautifully blended mesh, a powerful punch of all three genres, culminating in a listening experience that is good for the soul. "Wieder Da" is upbeat and if you're listening in your car, will make you want to break all speed limits.

Front man, Matthias Engst sings with power and precision, while being backed vocally by Ramin Tehrani and Chris Wendel. Tehrani, guitar, and Wendel, bass, provide harmony and depth, all the while playing their respective instruments with skill and passion.

The song and band would not be complete without Yuri Chernovolov on drums, keeping your heart rate registering through the roof with his execution.

Keep an eye on these guys, you certainly don't want to miss their next one!

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