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Elli Berlin - Lieb mich

Elli Berlin, frontwoman of German NDH/nu metal group Null Positiv released her first solo single last week titled "Lieb mich", off of her upcoming EP of the same title that's set to come out on June 18th. This song definitely has a lot of the NDH and nu metal influences that you see in Null Positiv, but it also has a bit of a goth metal sound. Whatever you want to call it, it sounds great! Her vocals are very heavy and raw and packed full of emotion. The screams are absolutely fantastic! The softer part near the middle of the song was unexpected, but definitely a great touch. The riffs are fantastic and hard hitting. The music video is very visually interesting and has some great effects, and fits the music beautifully. I enjoyed this immensely, and I highly recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the music video for "Lieb mich" by Elli Belin.

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