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Eisbrecher - Liebe Macht Monster

I just had the great pleasure of checking out the new album "Liebe Macht Monster" by neue deutsche härte band Eisbrecher. I've been looking forward to this album for awhile, and it definitely did not disappoint. It's so good! One interesting thing I noticed was one of the tracks had a slight title change, when it first dropped it was "Im guetn im bosen", now it's "Gut und Bose", which I think perhaps gramatically makes more sense, but I'm not entirely sure why they changed it. Either way, it's still one of my favorite tracks on the album. "Frommer Mann" is a really dark heavy song and features a bit more guitar than some of the others, I really liked it. The title track "Liebe Macht Monster" isn't quite as heavy as some of the others, but it's really catchy and is equally as badass. I really like the drop at the beginning of "Systemsprenger", and that song sort of felt more rap like than the rest of the album. three quarters of the way through, we get "Himmel", which is an absolutely beautiful ballad, I honestly didn't know they had it in them to write such a soft song, I love it! The infal track, "Es leber der tod" is wonderful, it has sort of a melancholy feel to it, and it has a great chorus to it. It was a fantastic track to end out the album. I enoyed this album immensely and I highly recommend checking it out if you're a fan of NDH. ~Gangis

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