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Eisbrecher - Im Guten Im Bösen

Neue Deutsche Härte band Eisbrecher released another killer single off of their "Liebe Macht Monster" album last week. The album is set to come out on March 12th. This song is so good! While the last single they dropped "Fakk" was super heavy, hard, aggressive, and guitar heavy, this one is a little more melodic and electronic beat focused. The vocals are absolutely wonderful! I love the chorus, it's so catchy. The synth work is fantastic. The video itself is really cool too, it shows a duality between two sides of their singer, a more malevolent and a more benevolent one, as illustrated by a red or blue light depending on which side it's showing. I enjoyed this song immensely, and I think that "Liebe Macht Monster" is really shaping up to be a great album, and I am really looking forward to it. ~Gangis

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