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There’s almost too many giant bug movies out there that they all seem to get lost in the shuffle…if you find a good one ya gotta remember it because there’s a chance you’ll lose that one in the shuffle too after a while as the next giant creature-thingy flick will occupy your brain cells. Enter EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS…a movie about giant, what else, spiders that overtake a small town and the townsfolks have to do everything they can to fight back. What’s unique about this one though is where most of these flicks are played straight but seem campy, this one plays it campy by the folks involved yet have terrifying situations. We see people get wrapped up in webs, attacked off motorcycles, and dragged away yet we sometimes chuckle at the people’s reactions around all this. It makes for an interesting tone and probably thanks to Officer Dewey himself, Arquette, it adds a layer of not-so-serious to what otherwise would have been an actual pretty chilling outing. However, we get a young Marvel Black Widow herself (best wordplay yet), and Mr. Sanka himself from Cool Runnings to lighten the whole situation. Turns this one into a fun giant arachnid movie…which should get more attention. Enjoy this somehow light fare while watching folks get wrapped up.

SLASH SCENE: Mall Climax


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