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If you grew up in the 90s, or just liked the combo of Twilight Zone/Fantasy/Horror, then you should be familiar with the brief series EERIE INDIANA. This is a show where a kid and his family end up in, where else, this town of Eerie which indeed matches it’s name. Marshall is the son of the family and he and his new friend, Simon, are seemingly the only ones who notice the strange goings-on in town. Each episode is a different mystery ranging from disappearing items that end up in a ‘lost’ underground sanctuary, daylight savings time gone awry, ‘foreverware’ Tupperware that freezes literally anything, or anybody, and even a meta-episode where everyone, except for Marshall, believes they are on an actual tv show. This is a great series that compliments Goosebumps and the Twilight Zone. While it’s not literal horror per se, it still falls into that fantasy realm of ‘what-if’ these sinister things were happening next door? Definitely a product of its time as if it were made today, they would water it down to be even more G-rated but as it is, it’s actually got some freaky themes throughout so if you haven’t seen it, don’t discount it. This would have been a great addition on SNICK on Saturday nights immediately following Are You Afraid of the Dark. As a kid, sometimes the scariest things are the ones that just barely border on eerie.

SLASH SCENE: The opening sequence, with ELVIS!


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