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Doctor Sleep (2019)

Today I finally got around to checking out the 2019 sequel to "The Shining". The story shows Danny grown up and at a very low point in his life, when he's contacted by a kid who has "the shine" and he has to help her defeat a group of creatures who feed on the life force of kids who shine. Cool concept, and I really liked the movie. I think it did a great job of referring back to the original film, as well as also following the book. The set designs and everything were absolutely perfectly spot on identical to those in the Kubrick film. I love how everything was modeled after that movie which butchered the story, but this one actually went pretty well along with the source material. The casting was fantastic. I thought the whole concept and everything was really cool. But, did we really even need a sequel? I love Mr.King and most of his works, but this one sort of just feels unnecessary. Did I thoroughly enjoy it? Yes. Do I think it was needed? Not really. I think it was a fantastic movie though, and definitely recommend watching it if you haven't yet. ~Gangis

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