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DR. GIGGLES (1992)

If there was ever a film that got the appreciation it deserved wayyyy after release…it would be Dr. GIGGLES. While fears of going to any sort of doctor are commonplace, you would think there would be more horror centered around this subject. As it is, we really don’t have many, so luckily the few we do have stand on its own and make for a great entry into the genre. We start off with a town discovering a local doctor has been doing away with his patients’ hearts and they enact some vigilante justice. The son escapes the mob and grows up to be…what else…another local doctor. Along the way we get hapless victims while some of the smarter townsfolk try to discover what’s going on and what’s behind disappearances. Okay, a movie like this was only going to work if they got a person who is perfect for a lunatic doc. Larry Drake couldn’t have been a better choice. Besides the obvious ‘laugh,’ he has the perfect demeanor with the hint of mischief that is appropriate for the tone of the flick. We don’t want someone toooo over the top…just a nice subtle hint of mayhem. I think he encapsulates that greatly. As a result, we get an entertaining flick with just enough horror for an early 90s flick to satisfy the crowd. Just make sure and watch after your routine appts. And don't hum the town 'chant' on the way to get your shots....



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