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Doyle Packs Night 1 of the Whisky A Go Go

Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein announced his first USA tour in over two years since the world shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Doyle has his own band called Doyle and it features Cancerslug frontman Alex Story (vocals), Wade Murff (drums) and Brandon Strate (bass). Doyle decided to give Hollywood a double dose of the Monster Man as he played two nights back to back each with different setlists. Night one was on a Friday and was the perfect way to end a Friday. After six opening bands, it was time for Doyle to finally hit the stage a little past 11 p.m. and by then. the venue was nicely packed. The music started as Doyle was just outside the venue playing the intro notes to Abominator. Doyle went inside the venue stomping his way into the stage and was soon joined on stage by his bandmates. Abominator as the first song was perfect as it had fans singing along and naturally, a small mosh pit formed. It was after this song that, before the beginning of each song, Story would announce that this next song is a love song and you could dance to it if you wanted to. The next song was the pounding Beast Like Me that also had the fans singing along to the chorus and going wild. The combination between Story and Doyle was perfect as their personas matched each other perfectly and had the fans eating out of their hands. More songs that fans had a chance to dance to included Cemeterysexxx, We Belong Dead and Run For Your Life. There was no dull or quiet moments during the show as it was hit after hit. To end the show, Story said, "and in the end, I Hope Hell is Warm". And with that, Doyle performed Hope Hell is Warm. Doyle ended their show, thanked the audience, then left the stage. Night one was finished and surely the show the following day was equally as good.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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