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Don't fear the reaper? No, Blender?

A tropical fruit smoothie ipa? Sounds amazing doesn't it? It is every bit as amazing as it sounds, atleast it is for this specific one. Don't fear the blender is a tropical fruit smoothie ipa created by the folks over at Clown Shoes brewing and it truly is one of the best ipas i have ever had. Blasting with fruit flavors, it is a perfect balance between the fruit and the hopps. You still have that same sour dankiness you would expect from a good ipa as well and the mouth feel on this is exactly that of drinking a smoothie, so much i couldn't believe it at first. I loved it so much i went and bought every four pack they had left in the grocery store, which sense then i have yet to find it and that was back in the spring of 2019. If you happen to cross these bad boys do yourself a service and grab every single case they got, take it home, cherish it, spend some good quality time with it! I miss you so much don't fear the blender!

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