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Ooohh..the classic story of break-in...but then it turns into a break-in gone wrong for several reasons. We see a group of friends get their jollies in by breaking into places for loot and other goods and want to do a job to go out with a bang...hitting up a blind old man's place as it would think it would be the easiest to do. Well, if this blind man didn't have eyes in the back of his head, hands, and everywhere else it seems as the job takes on new challenges with some dark secrets that will throw you for a loop that you won't expect. This is horror that thrives on tension, claustrophobia, suspense, and other little subtle goods that have been easily replaced with too much cgi and explosions over the years. If you want to see some twists, turns, tension, and ta-ta's (kinda), then check out this unique little thriller. You might indeed have to catch your breath afterwards.



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