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DON'T BREATHE 2 (2021)

If you saw the first one, you might be thinking, where can you possibly go from there? Given the events of the so called villain? Anti-hero? Twist? Can you root for someone like that? This one takes twists, double twists, and more by having another home invasion movie which essentially ignores the events of the first film to showcase all new characters, except for the obvious Blind Man. In this one, he has to protect his adopted daughter when more strange folk come lurking around and has to use his 'sensory' skills to move, fight, and survive these new situations. The overall idea for a blind man to use somewhat supernatural sensory ability to survive is an interesting approach in the horror genre; this one has a bit more outrageous situations that require suspended disbelief but it can still be done. If you enjoyed the first, you may get a kick out of this one. Not quite as tense or suspenseful, save for just a couple scenes, but if you want to see the further exploits of this interesting and not-good-guy character then look for yourself.

SLASH SCENE: All the twists


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