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Another decent entry into the 90s teen horror craze, DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, is the story of a new kid in town who suddenly discover that the other kids in the school are being ‘experimented’ on, or rather hypnotized, into being model students. This came out the same year as The Faculty, and was rather forgotten about compared to the other one. This one wasn’t that bad, in fact the cast sells it rather well; I just wish it were a bit longer as it seems much of the film got whittled away in the editing room. After doing research, it seems there was a much longer cut originally, and studios doing what they do best chopped off about a quarter of the original length. We’re left with a decent story and scenes but the whole thing could’ve been a lot more epic. As it is though, we do get John Connor from T3 and Cyclops trying to take down the mean ‘ol teachers before it’s too late. It’s an entertaining entry from the 90s teen craze but can see why it’s not one of the elite entries still discussed. Still, if you like paranoia/school horror, check out this title. And any film that has the cojones to use ‘Flagpole Sitta’ within its in-movie soundtrack gets bravery marks from me…

SLASH SCENE: Sneaking into the psych ward


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