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Deviloof - Newspeak

Visual kei/Japanese rock/deathcore/death metal/black metal group Deviloof released a new single last week titled "Newspeak". This song is nothing short of the same sort of multi-genre insanity that I have come to know and love and expect from this group. Its crazy! It's got the super brutal death vocals, the black metal vocals, piglike squeal, a kabuki intermission, and some dark djenty riffs. The music video is equally as fantastic. It's got some blood splatter, some creepy as hell imagery, elaborate costumes, and even a beheading. This is one of those bands that I always expect the unexpected from, but there's one thing for sure, I know it'll be good. This song is killer, and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still frame from the music video for "Newspeak" by Deviloof.

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