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Mixdown Review for Satyr

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

It’s finally fucking Friday, boys and girls! Hellfire Brittany, here to give you one more review for the workweek before Saturday and Sunday leave me stranded in a sea of music to prep for Monday’s show. Don’t send help, I like it there. I do hope to get another review or two out before bringing you new tracks next week, but I had to get this one out today for fear it would fall through the cracks.

I was wandering through Facebook a week or so ago and stumbled upon a band called Satyr from Atlanta, Georgia last week and they really blew me away. These guys are absolutely phenomenal, and I knew I had to have them on the show. I try to play mostly user submitted content on my podcast but sometimes I will find these bands that I really like and want to share them with you guys. When I saw their page, I heard a couple of little clips and decided to check out their Spotify page to see what they had. At random I selected the song that was featured on the Monday Morning Mixdown this week. “Andromeda” checked all the boxes for me, and I was quickly looking for more. As of right now they only have one EP out that was released last year, but their first full length album is on its way. Since I don’t have that (yet) I will just have to be content with the Neutrino! EP. It’s pretty fucking fantastic so I guess I can be patient and wait for the album to drop.

The EP opens up with a track called “Driveway Conversations” and it sets the stage for the remaining five songs. It starts off with some light instrumentals and makes its way to a killer guitar solo before breaking in to the heavier instrumentals I love so much. Brody is really killing it on drums. Not just on this track but throughout the entire EP. The bassline is strong and provides a lot of the momentum for the track, but Calvin knows how to play without overpowering the overall feeling of the song. I wish I could tell you who was singing and who was screaming but what I can tell you is that Michael and Janald are killing it out there. Not only are they providing the vocals, they are also giving us some drop-dead gorgeous guitar riffs. The four carry this in to Escapism which may be one of my favorite tracks on the EP. It certainly left me wishing the full-length album was ready. Andromeda is absolutely killer. It really gets me because it reminds me of music I was listening to back in high school. It has this emo vibe that I have to say, I fuck with. But it feels newer, heavier, and more refined. Monster closes out the EP with fantastic energy and catchy lyrics. The entire band is leaving it all on the table with this track and I can’t wait for them to pick it back up for their album.

Duple and Jumbotron stand out to me, being that they are instrumental only tracks. I had the opportunity to attend a show awhile back where one of the bands that played was instrumental only. It wasn’t what I expected but I really loved their sound. I like being able to hear what a band is capable of when relying solely on the talents they have with their instruments. As someone who is always trying to improve my own vocals, I will never say vocalists have an easy job. That said, I’m making a lot more headway with my voice than I am with any of the instruments that have had the misfortune of me trying to play them.

I can definitely see Satyr holding their own against some of the bigger names out there in no time. Their music is fun and catchy and I look forward to seeing what they do next. With any luck I will be featuring them again once their album drops. All four of these guys are so talented. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube. If you like them as much as I do, show them some love. Like their page, share this post, and if you have the chance, check out one of their shows.

One last note for all of you who are following along with the reviews, be sure to get in your submissions and recommendations for next week's Monday Morning Mixdown. Please send any submissions to Thank you to everyone who has been submitting music this week, I can't wait to hear it!

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