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Denis Pauna - What If Type O Negative wrote Sweet Dreams

Youtube cover artist Denis Pauna is back again today with another Type O Negative inspired cover, this time with the classic hit "Sweet Dreams". Every time he does one of these Type O covers, they get even better. This one is amazing! He perfectly captured the spirit of Type O. One difference between this one and his other covers is that this time he included some backing vocals that emulate the sound of Kenny Hickey's voice, which I think is an absolutely fantastic touch which really brought the Type O sound to life. "Sweet Dreams" was a great choice of songs to pick, having already been covered in multiple different styles, why the hell not do it in Type O? It also was genius to turn the melody into the bassline. This is definitely my favorite version of the song that I've heard. I absolutely love this. In a world without Peter Steele still with us, Denis Pauna and his music help fill that void. I highly recommend checking this out. ~Gangis

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