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Denis Pauna - What If Type O Negative Wrote Black (Pearl Jam)

By title alone, I honestly didn't recognize this Pearl Jam grunge classic when YouTube cover artist Denis Pauna covered it in the style of goth rock / doom metal legend Type O Negative. He did such a good job making it sound like Type O that I didn't realize it was this classic hit song. Now that I went back and listened to "Black", it makes a lot more sense. Wow. He took this and transformed it so well. Really listening to it, in the keyboard and bass lines, I can pick out the original melody. This is what a cover should be. You should be able to listen to it a few times and then double take and be like whoa wait? Is this THAT song?? I love this! It's so well done! I already thought his Type O style covers were fantastic, but somehow he keeps getting better and better. It's amazing! I highly recommend checking this out. ~Gangis

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