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Denis Pauna - Christian Woman (Type O Negative Cover)

YouTube cover artist Denis Pauna released a full cover of Type O Negative's hit song "Christian Woman" today. While he usually does other songs in the style of Type O, it was really interesting to hear him just doing a straight up cover. He absolutely nailed it! Despite a few subtle changes, I could easily zone out listening to this and forget that it isn't actually Type O, which is a huge compliment and accomplishment. It's so good! It's like hearing a new Type O recording. His music like this really helps fill the 6ft 8in Peter shaped hole in all of our hearts. I love it! I really can't say enough good things about it. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the video for "Type O Negative - Christian Woman | FULL COVER" by Denis Pauna.

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