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Deathless Legacy - Your Blood Is Mine ft. Steve Sylvester (Single Review)

Italian horror occult metal group Deathless Legacy released a new single today titled "Your Blood Is Mine ft. Steve Sylvester", which as the title suggests, is all about vampires. I really enjoyed this one! They have such a cool sound and look to them. They sort of sound like 80's rock mixed with goth metal. The lyrics in this song feature some classic vampire lore, as well as making it slightly sexy. I also really like the video, it shows the band in their horror themed get up, the singer dressed as a vampire, she bites someone and it's pretty bloody. It's bad ass. I enjoyed this one a lot. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still frame from the music video for "Your Blood Is Mine" by Deathless Legacy on Scarlet Records.

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