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DEATH PROOF could be classified as a different type of horror…it’s really more a suspense/thriller that is the second half of the ‘Grindhouse’ double feature makeup of Tarantino and Rodriguez. The basic premise is you have ‘Stuntman Mike’ (Kurt Russell in all his glory) who drives around in a car ‘death proof’ to him (due to mechanics of the driver’s side of the car which offer protection) which allows both passengers and anyone he crashes into not to have the same benefits. We see the drastic effects of this in the opening half…with the remainder of the movie turning into a chase flick with some awesome stunts thrown in. Where this flick falters a bit though is given the grindhouse theme is it’s a bit too slow in parts and not quite the over-the-top gonzo bonanza we want to compliment the non-stop Planet Terror (see review here:) Taken on its own merit it’s a decent flick but paired with the faux trailers of the complete film and the aforementioned zombie flick, it just doesn’t quite hold up. In some ways it takes itself too seriously…in other ways it doesn’t. Released outside of Grindhouse, probably would be looked at in a better light. As it is…the goofiness factor should have been elevated slightly and not just gone for a straight-laced typical Tarantino.

SLASH SCENE: Lapdance!


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