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Damien Quinn - The Sun's Gonna Shine ft. Sara Mazing (Single Review)

So I sit and contemplated how do I introduce Damien Quinn to a group of people that might have never heard him ... Well Damien was 1/2 of the Notorious underground group Dark Half before the passing of Geno Cultshit. Damien then went on to become a solo artist and drop some very meaningful music coming straight from the heart. This single "The Sun's Gonna Shine" was my favorite track from the "3 on a Meathook" Damien released in 2015. This track gives a brief synopsis of some of the hell Damien was facing at this point in time. Many people could relate and I believe people started to connect with him even more than before. The hook by Sara Mazing was incredible and sooooo fitting to the style of the song, she was a perfect addition and complemented Damien very well. The lyrics were heartfelt and came from a very real place. I can sit back and feel the pain and anger this man conveyed in this song. This song was excellent and Damien as an individual is awesome! I'm proud to call him a brother and I hope you give him a chance and check out his work. Brand new album drops July 2nd! The Great Red Dragon is here!

Rest In Peace ----------- Garrett (Geno Cultshit) We Love You Brother

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