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Cvlt Ov The Svn - We Are The Dragon (Album Review)

Self described "Occult murder pop" group Cvlt Ov The Svn released their "We Are The Dragon" album last week, and I finally got a chance to listen to it. I've been waiting for this one since it was announced. I'm a big fan of their sound and what they do. This band is fantastic. "We Are The Dragon" is forty minutes of dark gothy mysterious horror metal, and I'm all about it. The album starts off with the title track and one of the other singles that they put out, they're both great songs. "Don't Be Tender, love Me Cruel" is a twisted love song, which is absolutely phenomenal and lyrically kinda brutal. Then we get the other single, "Hellbound", which is one of my most played tracks lately. It's so good and I just absolutely love it. "Dancing With The Devil" really stood out, it's got a hard hitting bassline and a bit more of a club beat and synth work, which I thought added some really nice elements to their sound. They then include the songs that were on their 2019 EP "Luna in the Sky Forever". I went back and listened to the original versions, and thought they were good, but the re-recorded versions are way better. Not only do they sound more confident as musicians, their recording quality is much higher. "Luna In The Sky Forever" in particular sounds rather different, they made it heavier, and I think it was a great choice. I really like "The Pit", it's a major hard hitter and has some really clever lyrics. The final track, "Another Infinity" has a really interesting and kinda catchy melody and a killer bassline. This album is wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Album cover for "We Are The Dragon" by Cvlt Ov The Svn on Napalm Records.

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