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CVLT OV THE SVN - We Are The Dragon

Self described "Occult murder pop" group Cvlt Ov The Svn released a single this morning titled "We Are The Dragon". This is the title track off of their new album that comes out on May 7th. I've been anxiously awaiting this album, so I was very happy to get another single. This one is absolutely fantastic! It has a very dark feel to it, and a very memorable guitar melody. It's so catchy. I just love their vocal style, it's so gritty and creepy and just bad ass. The lyrics speak of nothing but despair and evil. I enjoyed this song a lot. The album is really shaping up to be something special, I've loved all the singles they've put out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still frame from the music video for "We Are The Dragon" by Cvlt Ov The Svn.

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