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Cvlt Ov The Svn - My Venom

I just checked out the new single and video for "My Venom" by Cvlt Ov The Svn. This song comes off of their new album "We Are The Dragon" coming out on May 7th. I've never heard this band before but holy hell am I missing out. They describe themselves as "Occult murder pop"? Whatever that means, I'm seriously digging it. They remind me a lot of Wednesday 13 in some ways, especially the sound their frontman has in the chorus. They have a very creepy haunting sort of sound, but it's pretty heavy. I love it! The video is really cool, between the dark atmosphere, the creepy frontman, and the chick with the big snake, it creates a rather unsettling feeling, and it fits the music very well. I enjoyed this a lot, and I'm definitely going to check out the album. ~Gangis

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