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If you already tuned into the first couple seasons of the revival of CREEPSHOW, you know what to expect. More grisly tales of things that go bump in the night...or sometimes during the day. The opener for the current season has a couple vignettes; one with a familiar narrative and another with a more wtf just happened? First, we are introduced to a family with a kid and his mom and an abusive dad who comes over to seemingly take the mom away to rehab to help with her addiction struggles, supposedly. Things don’t go smoothly and soon we find that the mom won’t be coming back and the son finds her ‘spirit’ now intertwined with plants? With the ground she is buried in? Either way, revenge is soon done with the son using her spirit against the responsible parties. The second tale involves a group of youngsters breaking into a hospital as they heard that one of their singing idols is pregnant and in labor. Labor yes, pregnant to a human….definitely not. If you like giant bug stories, this one is for you. Definitely the stronger of the two stories as it has just enough of that ‘creep’ factor while also being somewhat more original then the first tale we’ve seen done. However, always good to see the underrated Ethan Embry back to form. If you've already been keeping up with the previous seasons, this one is off to its typical start.

SLASH SCENE: Hospital Room


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